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Etablissement bilingue Angers

An independent bilingual


The International School of Angers is an independent bilingual establishment, school and leisure center that welcomes children from 2 years of kindergarten until their entry to middle school.


Our educational project focuses on the personal development of everyone.


The International School of Angers allows each student to experience the beginnings of their education in a positive, stimulating and enriching way in a serene atmosphere with an opening to the world of today and tomorrow.


We prepare our students to become citizens of the world. Our students receive instruction from French and international teachers. Everyone brings their own identity to class and to everyone. They immerse the school in a multicultural and international atmosphere.


Our desire is to focus the establishment's services on an individualized approach so that each child becomes autonomous by being an actor in their learning; that everyone is able to make choices, plan actions, take initiatives by mobilizing their resources to solve and complete their tasks by being satisfied with their achievements.


It seems essential to us that children become aware of the importance of exchange, sharing and discovery of others in order to bring them to create links based on the richness of interactions and equality.

Ecole Internationale Angers

Our aim is to offer active teaching in which the child is the driving force in his learning, this is why our classes have small enrollments (maximum 15 students).


The International School of Angers follows the French national program. This teaching is supplemented by an English teaching mixing different methods Jolly phonics, Cambridge, Oxford ...


Each year, students from CE1 / CE2 have the opportunity to take Cambridge certifications, internationally recognized diplomas.


Our bilingual immersion program allows children to obtain a comfortable level in both French and English.


Learning takes place in a fun and creative way while following a program linked to the child's age and abilities.

The multi-level classes, allow children to progress at their own pace without being blocked by a system; "One level - one year". This mode of education, close to the child, allows them to gain self-confidence and to realize that they are an individual in their own right, different and unique, while respecting the rules of a collective environment.


We aspire to create a real dynamic through projects and actions which are part of Unesco's own actions in order to become a Unesco school .


Our wish is to be in close contact with families , because the individual follow-up of each child is at the center of our concerns.


Thus, work, personalized help, exchanges of services, outside contributors, the activities offered ... allow each child to follow a particular path adapted to their needs. The International School of Angers aims to be a springboard, for your children, towards an internationally oriented future.  

Active teaching

with small numbers

Montessori inspired

International Schoolof Angers

Whether in our management style with the teaching teams and / or in our daily relationships with families and children, our fundamental values are:


1 - self-respect, respect for others and their environment,

2 - the responsibility of the pupils,

3 - transparency,

4 - the overall development of the student.

Our core values

An establishment designed and developed for

children's future

• Which provides the common foundation of knowledge and skills as defined by the French Ministry of Education.


• Is open to changes and new pedagogical approaches.


• Allows students to develop their skills and cultivate their talents, in an environment on their own scale, at their own pace and according to their specific needs.


• Offers the child a perspective of overall personal development in terms of:

- intellectual (development of IQ),

- physical, (beyond the usual physical and sports education, an education in listening to the body, its needs will be disseminated by other respiratory, meditative, sensory approaches ...)

- moral (by the co-construction of the rule and the law in order to reach the highest level of moral conscience)

- emotional (through a real education in emotional intelligence: development of QE .. identification of emotions, management of emotions ...)

- social through the development of collective intelligence and collaborative work, education in conflict management ...


• In addition to the child's personal development, aims to learn to live in a group, to listen to others, in particular through learning and collaborative games.

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