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Sometimes all it takes is one meeting to give meaning to a dream project  since a long time. I have always had the deep conviction that we could do better for our children, that the mission of adults is to nourish the field of possibilities for each of them. The ISA is an establishment that pushes the limits of preconceived ideas and too rigid concepts of education and teaching.


Director / Founder

As director, I am committed to ensuring the synergy of the educational team for the success of our objective.  Our common mission  is to bring to  each child self-confidence  and in the other to better approach learning and I wish to implement all possible solutions to  help children in their learning.


English and  creative teacher

I am a Canadian teacher and artist from Toronto now living in Angers since 2015.

I am very happy to continue my teaching journey with the ISA. Here I am able to share my two great passions, art and teaching, with wonderful children every day ! I teach with the belief that children learn best through experiences. Throughout our experiences I provide support to each child ensuring their wellbeing while helping them reach their full potential.



I am  concerned  to the needs of  children and I want to respect their abilities and learning rhythms.

I am sensitive to environmental issues that I hope to be able to pass on to them.

But above all  I hope  continue to give them the taste and pleasure of learning while having fun.


English teacher

I am originally from Cape Town, South Africa and I came to France in 2013.  

I like working with children especially to see them progress in English whilst also being exposed to and learning about different cultures at the same time.


Preparer of good meals

There is no  canteen  at ISA.  

I bring my know-how and my know-how so that the moment of the meal is  friendly, as shared by a large family  

where every child  receives,  share and learn the pleasure of eating.

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