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Montessori inspired


At the International School of Angers, we welcome kindergarten students from 2 years old (birthday), allowing them to experience the beginnings of their education in a positive, stimulating and enriching way in a serene atmosphere with an opening on the world of today and tomorrow.


The nursery school is one of the first places of reception and socialization, it allows the development of all the possibilities of the child to form their personality and give them the best chances of succeeding in elementary school by preparing them for further learning.


The role of teachers is the construction of learning, and to awaken the child's interest in the world around them as well as to develop their critical mind.


The program of the International School of Angers helps the child acquire a first structuring of the oral language in French as in English.


The teaching is fully bilingual from the very beginning of the first year in nursery school.
Students learn in both French and English in a natural and fun way.

The size of the classes is reduced, in order to favor a teaching proposing numerous activities while individualizing it.


Each year the students work around rigorous projects which help them to learn and which make it possible to put into practice collaboration, communication and self-criticism.


The kindergarten learning program is made up of different themes:

- Personal, social and emotional development

- Physical development (motor skills / sport)
- Communication and language
- Literacy

- Development of fine motor skills, graphics and then writing

- Pre-mathematics and mathematics
- Discovery of the world and time
- The arts (music, painting, drawing)

- Play (imitation play, group play, construction play, solitaire play)


Our teaching methods come from different active pedagogies and traditional methods, in order to promote the awakening of our students while developing their autonomy and self-confidence, in all kindness.

Ecole bilingue Primaire Angers


The International School of Angers is a place where students can grow up in a safe, structured and stimulating environment.


Beyond the acquisition of fundamental knowledge, students, from an early age, learn to be flexible, reactive and to adapt to changes of teachers during the day depending on the subjects taught.


The teaching is bilingual, the pupils learn in French as in English in a natural and playful way.
The class size is reduced, in order to favor an individualized teaching allowing the pupil to participate actively in their schooling.


At the International School of Angers, the development of life skills is valued in the same way as progress and its evaluation.


The elementary curriculum, whether in English or French, is made up of work on language, literature and literacy. These three areas of learning focus on developing awareness of productive skills (speaking, writing and creating) and receptive skills of children (listening, reading and observing).


We teach students to listen attentively to others in class, to ask questions related to the activity in progress and to follow the instructions given by the teacher. In addition, children assimilate and identify what they are learning by answering increasingly specific questions.


In CP, the reading program is based on the child's ability to decode a text and recognize the words he learns, while knowing how to approach new words independently, thanks to the work of sound recognition.
In writing, we teach children to collect their ideas and organize them. Children gradually enrich and deepen their lexicon of words and expressions. Children assimilate writing techniques by alternating simple sentences and more complex sentences.


In CE / CM, Grade two, there  four and five children learn to choose and prepare presentations, poems, stories, etc. We encourage children to become more and more clear and precise in their speech and to use a specific vocabulary adapted to the context studied.
We teach them to study texts, we show children how, through a text, the author can appeal to readers. We give them the keys to mastering writing.


In elementary school, the mathematics program consists of teaching children the fundamental concepts of learning numbers, shapes, measures and data processing.

Children also do mental arithmetic through written and practical methods that we teach them.

We also teach children to estimate, measure lengths, weigh weights ... by choosing the right units of measurement. We teach them to use time units and to know the relationships between them (seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, years).


From the first grade, children work in science in the form of projects. Our program aims to guide the child so that they can interpret the world around them in their own way.


The International School of Angers also offers other areas of learning such as History, Geography, Moral and Civic Education, the Arts (music, painting, drawing) and sport.


In elementary, we share the teaching:

In French :
- Reading, technique and comprehension (phonetic and syllabic method)

- Writing, grammar, conjugation, vocabulary, spelling
- Written expression, poetry, French literature
- Mastery of mathematical elements, reasoning, calculation, geometry
- Discovery of time, History
- Moral and Civic Education
- Music (music theory and piano)

In English :
- Language study, reading
- Writing, grammar, conjugation, vocabulary, spelling
- Oral and written expression, poetry, English literature
- Discovery of the world / Geography / Sciences
- Art history / Art and creativity
- Sport
- Awareness of information and communication techniques



We wish to play an important role in laying the foundations for development to be a citizen of the world, sincere and respectful.

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