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A word from the director

Ecole primair bilingue Angers

Dear parents, dear readers,


The ISA is an independent educational institution, which allows a child to continue their education from kindergarten to CM2.


To choose our establishment for your child is to give them the possibility to flourish, to grow in an environment where they will be considered as a full-fledged person, as an adult in the making that we have the duty to shape in all its dimensions. .


The very site of ISA lends itself to an adapted pedagogy, allowing to have a quality setting in the city center, close to a green park and sports and cultural infrastructures. Equality, inclusion, respect and equity are the fundamentals of our school.


For the children we welcome, we wish the best to understand with confidence the learning and not only the knowledge to be acquired while respecting the common core of skills defined by the French Ministry of Education. We wish to allow

each student to discover and express their talents, through a pedagogy that makes perseverance and a taste for effort the strengths to succeed and to push their own limits ever further.


Choosing our establishment also means choosing a place that is geared towards others and the world: Through bilingualism, students learn English by immersion with native English-speaking teachers who speak only their mother tongue. These English-speaking teachers also organize English workshops adapted to each age group, from pre-kindergarten to CM2.

Through the educational projects proposed by the teachers and the place given to the values ​​of UNESCO. Through solidarity actions and meetings that mark out the school year.


The trust you place in us rests on this constant balance to be sought between benevolence and listening to the children in our care; between requirements to be set and framework to be defined in order to allow them to freely choose, when the time comes, their personal project and to be able to implement it,


The entire ISA team is happy that this school is finally open and proud of being able to

accompany your children on part of the way to their future.



Pauline Bouyer

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