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The birth of the International School

of Angers

Montessori inspired

Welcome to you, parents, children, future parents and grandparents, uncles and aunts, teachers, educators, students or simply curious ...


ISA is a story of the heart; two women, a teacher who became director, Pauline and a mother who became a business manager, Elodie. One rather in Converse and the other in heels both sharing the same values, the same vision of life, childhood and education.

In our thirties, we decided to transform our friendship into an association around a meaningful entrepreneurial project. Driven by a wave of energy and the enthusiasm of Angevin families, we dreamed, imagined, designed and made the school of tomorrow a reality.


A school on the scale of our children, where adults and children rub shoulders, help each other and respect each other. A school where diversity is a plus and where English and French mix with each other's languages.


Angevines by birth, we are committed to anchoring our establishment locally by associating ourselves with local life and culture, while opening up to the world through our project to become a school of the UNESCO network.


For the anecdote, it is Sarah, five years old who kindly gave us her hand as a model for our logo. A funny wink that sets the tone for what we want to achieve.

Put children, their childhood and their development at the center of our priorities, never forgetting that we too were once children and that the world seemed immense to us.


The DNA of our establishment is found in the difference and the complementarity between educating and teaching. Teaching is for us, pouring knowledge while educating means bringing out the full potential of each individual. The movement is not the same. Our goal for both is to educate, our tool is education.


We both grew the Kickers shoes on, so it is with pleasure, that together, we continue to grow and always with the children and the world around us.


If we were able to pique your curiosity, do not hesitate to contact us.



Pauline & Elodie

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